Rim Country Water Group Identifies Objectives At Meeting



We are well into August.


School is back in session so we need to be watching out for those kids.

Lots of great rain has been falling, but we are reminded that the rain does not have an impact on our water supply. Since we do not own the groundwater, the water from the rains goes right down to the Valley to fill the swimming pools.

The inches of rain do have a great impact on the fire conditions, however.

We are in pretty good shape right now and hopefully, we will have another summer without a fire. Why is it that weeds grow faster than any other plant with the addition of a little moisture?

Water meeting objectives

Rim Country Water had another meeting last week that was well attended.

Each committee member was introduced and then he/she talked briefly of his interests and motivation.

Their objectives are:

1. To provide accurate and factual information to Pine and Strawberry property owners via the Web site and e-mails, newspapers and open meetings.

2. Stop the K-2 well agreement.

3. Research the development of immediate and adequate short and long-term water solutions.

4. Communicate with various individuals and entities who are knowledgeable regarding water issues.

5. Develop and maintain community participation and input.

6. Identify, provide and maintain permanent sources of water.

This group would like to eliminate Brooke Utilities and put in place another water purveyor. The ultimate goal is to secure a position by which Pine and Strawberry can control their own destiny concerning water issues.

Corporation commission

The Corporation Commission held a meeting in Phoenix on Monday. I was provided incorrect information regarding the address and phone number for that meeting and I apologize for that.

From what I hear, there was a good turnout of Pine/Strawberry residents at the meeting. There will be a separate hearing on the K-2 Well and, hopefully, it will be held in Pine. There are a lot of issues being discussed and it seems many people are not aware of who will benefit from what.

Where, oh where, will we ever get the straight story about the water situation?

Three items seemed obvious at the meeting.

1. Brooke would like to maintain things just the way they are.

2. The developers what to possess the rights to the water in their wells and build their developments.

3. A lot of people are very unhappy with the poor service they receive from Brooke, and also the excessive water hauling charges.

It was also apparent that some are most interested in getting rid of Brooke, but not necessarily aware of the efforts involved in finding the best solutions to the area's water problems.

Hopefully, the Corporation Commission will make their decisions based on the welfare and best interests of the residents of Pine and Strawberry and not on the pressure of special interest groups.

Unfortunately, political pressure exists everywhere, even in our wonderful little communities.

Spinach basil pork on menu

The menu for the Senior Center Dining room for the week of August 13 - 17:

Monday - Seasoned chicken breast, rice pilaf and vegetable.

Tuesday - Chef's choice.

Wednesday - Spinach basil pork loin, baked potato, broiled tomato.

Thursday - Tamales, rice and beans.

Friday - Seafood plate with noodle Alfredo and vegetable.

Salad bar and beverage included with all meals. Full meal is $5.00. Salad bar alone is $3.00. Please call for reservations 24 hours in advance, 928 476-2151.

Elite's steak fry

The annual Steak Fry, sponsored by Strawberry's Elite, will be from 2 to 6 p.m. Sunday, August 19, at the Mogollon Steak House in Strawberry.

This event raises funds which are used to help children and families in Pine and Strawberry with extraordinary expenses during tough times.

The group also provides lunch money for school children and helps buy clothes for kids.

Steak fry tickets are available from Strawberry's Elite members. Tickets are also available at the door.

There will be a raffle and many silent auction items. The wonderful auction items have been donated by local artists and area businesses. All money goes to the children.

My mother, who lives in Scottsdale, fell and now is in rehab, so I will be spending a lot of time down in the Valley.

Please send items to me for this column via e-mail. I do not have access to a fax machine. If you do not have e-mail, Becky or Ann at the library will, I think, be happy to send it to me for you if you have it written out. Keep it brief. Thank you.

Please provide information for this column regarding upcoming events, activities and items of interest for residents and visitors of Pine and Strawberry. Call (928) 476-2239 or e-mail cpwrather@earthlink.net.

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