Aspenization Of Payson



Kudos to the mayor and town council for bringing a sense of decorum, order and a vision for the Town of Payson.

Making Payson a mecca for tourism and hospitality is a plan worth developing. Frankly, we live here because we already know the pleasures that others want!

That said, I see a looming problem that needs to be addressed. It is the availability of affordable housing and an infrastructure to provide the employment requirements for the building of that vision.

Many of the children of Payson leave to look for greener pastures. That need not be the case. What if the community college/high school was providing courses in hotel management, restaurant management, culinary preparation? I see where one class at Payson High School is doing just that. Let's do more! Would our inns/motels/casino/restaurants be willing to provide support with on-the-job training? Summer job program? How about an internship program?

As I review the classified ads, I see a pressing need for entry-level positions. Where will they come from? Where will they live? At what cost to them? At the "In-N-Out Burger" you cannot flip the burger or move upward into management if you haven't peeled the potatoes or sliced the tomatoes. If we don't address this issue, the vision will be lost.

Going forward, we'll have the facilities, but no one to fill the positions! Food for thought!

John Wakelin, Payson

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