Bowl For Kids Produces Record Proceeds


"Spare Sisters," "Bowl Weevils," and "The Thundering Herd" were among the teams who turned out to Bowl for Kids' Sake.

Despite fewer teams signing up for the 8:30 a.m. session of the Big Brothers Big Sisters bowling event, they still raised more than $38,000 Sunday.


Stinkers, teams 1 and 2, won the 1:30 p.m. Most Spirited award at Bowl for Kid's Sake. The skunk-costumed bowlers were co-workers, friends and family of Desert Schools Credit Union. Pictured here are Miss Stink, Flower, Punkie, Stinkie, Zig Zag, Reeko, Pepe Le Pew, Stunky, Petunia, Mon Cheri and cheerleader FiFi La Fume. The team's real names are (in no particular order): Yvonne Pierce, Victoria Pierce, Lisa Cremer, Debbie Mahoney, Terry Groen Wald, Leland Candelaria, Adam Jonus, Kelsey Oakley, Jim Carini, Charles Whitehouse and Marcy Carini.

"To have raised more money, yet not have all the spots filled, is the best thing that could happen," Amy Hill, event chair said.

Ellen Kitchen was the individual who raised the most money -- $1,473.71.

The five folks from the post office, "Postal Express," raised the most money as a team -- $1,652.61.

Rim Country Lanes echoed with nonstop clapping and cheering on Sunday.

"The 11 a.m. group just about wore us out," D.J. Craig said.

"I missed last year, but I came back this year. It is usually a lot of fun," Bob Schwarz, a member of the Rim Country Singles team said.

Most Spirited was a coveted award given at each session. The Zany Ladies of the Zane Grey Society had special T-shirts as did other teams.

The 10-member team, plus one cheerleader with a lit up tail, led two Stinker teams to take the spirited title at the third session.

How did they choose the name?

"We all stink at bowling," Victoria Pierce said.

Minutes later, "Reeko" bowled the first strike of the session.

"The Skeleton Crew" from Messinger Payson Funeral Home, the "Arizona State Sisters" from Arizona State Savings Federal Credit Union won with their enthusiasm as well.

"The Volunteers, " one of the nine teams from Wal-Mart, also won for spirit.

At the 2006 event, BBBS raffled painted bowling pins. This year the raffled iPods and gift baskets raised $1,491.

"Roseanne Seig put the baskets together and she did an awesome job," Hill said.

Roseanne Mitchell took home the "A Day at the Beach" gift basket. Clay Sopeland took home "Family Fun Night." Heath Fuller took home "Let's Go Camping." Rainy Phillips won the "Date Night" basket and Melodi Deaton took home "Outdoor Sports Fun."

Corporate sponsorships also made a difference this year.

"We strove for a lot more sponsorships and did a lot more marketing this year. The Payson Roundup helped get the word out, Bison Homes sponsored the banner across the highway and the Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce put us on the marquee," Hill said.

She is excited that people came to her at the event and asked to be sponsors in 2008.

"BBBS would like to thank everyone who participated to help make Bowl for Kids' Sake successful," Hill said.

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