Dedicated Efforts Help Town Create Master Plan


In a decade, the Town of Star Valley may have more incorporated area, more residents and a need for more recreational and functional space.

Luckily, those needs will be anticipated, thanks to the input of residents and the work of the Star Valley General Planning Team.

A group of about two dozen dedicated residents met for the final public input meeting in the process of creating a general plan for the town last night.

The state requires that all incorporated towns with a population of 2,500 or more establish and maintain a master plan.

Star Valley has solicited the help of Peter Armenta from the Central Arizona Association of Governments to facilitate the process.

He said the town would likely address eight areas in creating a master plan. Last night's meeting covered growth area planning.

"We think they've really nailed it down," Armenta said about the focused group and their efforts.

The group worked on what geological areas they could conceivably provide services and infrastructure to based on what land they might want to annex in the future.

Armenta said the town could very well remain at its current size in the future but that planning for expansion is important.

The next general plan meeting will take place on August 23. Although public attendance and input is welcome at all future meetings, the general planning team will make all remaining decisions regarding the general plan.

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