Frontier Elementary School Principal Learns About Community


When Paula Patterson took over as principal of Frontier Elementary School in July, she did not realize she had come to a community where both businesses and citizens are extremely generous.

She needed some prizes for her Teacher Kick-off before school started. While Ms. Patterson did not have her business cards to prove she was indeed the new principal, she set off to ask local businesses to donate something for her teachers.

Without hesitation, the businesses she visited gave her a great variety of items ranging from salsa to free meals, from gift cards to candles.

Ms. Patterson returned to FES with donations from the following businesses: Tonto Apache Gym, Tonto Apache Fruit Stand, Paper and Metal Scrappers, Chrisy's Cottage, Cucina Paradiso (Gerardo also catered the meal for her event at a big discount), Blockbuster Video, Macky's Grill, Home Depot, Cracker Crate, Movie Gallery, Tiny's Restaurant, Cardo's Pizza, La Sierra Mexican Restaurant, Roadrunner Espresso, El Rancho Mexican Restaurant

Ms. Patterson was pleasantly overwhelmed by the generosity she encountered everywhere she went.

Now she knows a little more about Payson and the character of its residents and business owners/managers.

She's glad she chose Payson and Payson Schools chose her, she said.

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