More Should Be Done For Bicycle Safety



I was pleased to see your editorial, a few weeks ago, concerning the bicyclists in our town.

There are two more things that I would like to add to your list of bicycle safety rules. 1. If they are going to cross a road in a crosswalk, they should walk their bikes.

Just the other day, I was northbound on the Beeline and stopped at a red light on Forest to make a right turn. No cars were coming from the west, so I proceeded to make a right turn.

Suddenly a cyclist zipped across in front of me in the crosswalk and I had to slam on my brakes to avoid hitting him. The same thing happened to another driver a few weeks ago at the corner of Beeline and Main.

People should not ride bicycles with their dogs on a leash. This can be a very dangerous practice.

I used to live in a college town in another state where there were a lot of cyclists. There were bicycle laws and they were strictly enforced.

It wasn't unusual to see a cyclist stopped by a police officer, There were also bicycle rodeos held at the elementary schools where bicycle safety was taught. I wonder if something similar could be done here?

I believe that something should be done before we have a tragedy.

M. Radtke

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