Payson Medical Center Is The Best



I have lived in Payson four years and I love it here. During those four years, I have heard countless times that, should you need any halfway-serious medical attention, go to the Valley, don't be stupid and let the Payson Regional Medical Center take care of you. They have made countless blunders, incompetent, and not a place to trust with your health needs.

Recently, I drove myself to the emergency room with severe abdominal cramps, vomiting and constipation and returned back home eight days later and several pounds lighter. Let me share with you, my take on the Payson Regional Medical Center.

I went to the emergency room about 9:30 a.m. on Sunday, July 8. After informing the receptionist of my problem, I had maybe a five-minute wait until I was called. I answered some questions, got my wristband, and had vitals taken by this young lady who was very courteous, and professional.

Then I was taken to the curtained-off little cubicle to wait for the doctor. Shortly afterwards, he arrived, examined me, and I answered all his questions. He told me he was going to order some tests and get to the bottom of my problem. He seemed very knowledgeable, courteous and had a professional bedside manner that made me feel comfortable.

All the nurses and aides that drew my blood, did CT scans, exams were polite, courteous and true professionals at what they did.

Trying to make a long story short, it was discovered that I had a major blockage in my colon and surgery was needed.

I was admitted, made very comfortable, given something for the pain and met with the surgeon in the morning, who was an older gentleman, very easy to talk to and very informative on exactly what needed to be done in a way one could understand without having to go to medical school. He had a very pleasant and professional bedside manner.

I had surgery Wednesday morning. Everything went exactly as he said it would, no complications. Not sure if I remember him telling me about the pain I would be in, coming out of surgery, but with the help from medications and TLC from the professional nursing staff, I survived.

The nurses were truly awesome. I was sure my luck wouldn't keep up forever and that during one of those shift changes and I was going to get Nurse Ratched. But it never happened -- all were real sweethearts in their own way and true professionals. It takes a special breed to do what they do and they have my highest respect.

After those eight days, I thanked God for each and every one of them. I was released the following Monday -- getting better every day.

More good news -- the pathology report came back on what was removed. No sign of cancer.

I was just wondering if there is another Payson Regional Medical Center I don't know about.

All these rumors I have heard over the years couldn't have been about the one I went to.

Terry Gould

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