Payson Police Chief Surprised By Star Valley Photo Radar


The number of hours of additional work for his officers, as well as a possible contract amendment with the Town of Star Valley for services, are two topics on Payson Police Chief Don Engler's mind.

Engler will meet with Star Valley Town Manager Vito Tedeschi and a representative from Redflex Traffic Systems to discuss the effect that a photo radar system would have on the Payson Police Department.

The Star Valley Council approved an agreement with Redflex at last Tuesday's meeting, which paves the way for the installation of a photo radar enforcement system on Highway 260.

As is general practice in systems such as the one Star Valley is looking to install, Redflex would perform preliminary screening of any violations. A certified police officer is then required to review the violation data and issue a traffic citation, if deemed appropriate. Star Valley's current two-year contract for police services, good until June 2009, means that the burden would fall on the shoulders of the Payson PD.

Engler said that the meeting would likely take place in the first week of September.

While he didn't know what repercussions would stem from the implementation of the speed reduction system, he said he was looking into other similar situations for other police departments.

Engler admitted that he was a bit taken aback by the Star Valley Council's decision, without the consultation of the Payson PD.

"Unfortunately we weren't included in the initial plans," he said.

Engler said he was contacted last Wednesday, after the council approved the contract with Redflex for the system.

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