Picture Your Animal On The 2008 Pet Calendar



Each year, Payson Humane Society takes in hundreds of stray animals. Most of these animals are in good shape, indicating that they have had someone to care for them and have not been stray for very long.

Summer is the shelter's busiest season for incoming strays. Although we suspect that some of these animals are dumped or abandoned by irresponsible owners for various reasons, we also suspect many are lost by summer visitors or have run away in panic during the noisy monsoon storms.

We'd like to remind the public that PHS should be the first place someone missing an animal should look. Also, remember how important it is to arm your pet with good identification. Rabies tags and tags with current phone numbers are good. Even better -- because tags can be lost -- is a microchip.

This chip -- about the size of a piece of rice -- is inserted under the skin, between the shoulder blades. It has a unique number encoded on it, which is associated with the animal's owner's contact information, which is held in a nationwide database. This number is read, using a scanner wand passed over the animal. All veterinary, humane society, pound and similar offices use these scanners on stray animals brought to them.

The microchip has allowed PHS to reunite many animals with their grateful owners. PHS offers a microchip service to the public for $40 per animal.

It is one of several services being offered Saturday, Aug. 25. The chips will be inserted between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. at the off-leash dog park next to the library on North McLane Road. It's money well-spent to ensure the safe return of your beloved friend.

Another feature of the day will be free photo sessions for the PHS 2008 calendar fund-raiser.

The society is putting together a pet calendar. For $20 per photo, you can pick a day (first come, first served) for your pet to be featured. Forms to participate are available on our Web site, www.paysonhumanesociety.com, or at the shelter, located at 812 S. McLane Road, just south of Main Street.

If you don't have a good picture of your pet, there will be a photo shoot from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 25 at the dog park next to the library.

PHS volunteers Alice Wrobley and Shari Cody are providing the photo shoot. The forms that need to be filled out to get your animal's information into the calendar will also be available, so everything can be done onsite that day.

If you wish to purchase a calendar, it will be $10. This may be prepaid, and if you add postage, the calendar will be mailed to you. PHS will provide a tax receipt for you when you pay. All proceeds go to Payson Humane Society.

If you can't get to the Aug. 25 event at the dog park, reserve a date for your pet's picture -- it's birthday, your birthday or anniversary, the anniversary of the day you bought your pet -- at the animal shelter, or download the reservation form from our Web site.

For more information, call Ellie Watson at (928) 474-5590 or Donna Sindel (928) 463-2275.

The cover photos for the 2008 calendar, along with some larger monthly shots, will be auctioned to the highest bidder during a special fund-raising event Friday, Sept. 14 at the old Cedar Ridge Restaurant at Mazatzal Casino. The dance starts at 7 p.m.

Along with the photo shoot Aug. 25, there will be a mobile adoption, featuring many of our great dogs. We're still offering special adoption prices, so come on down and meet your new best friend.

Here are a few of the wonderful animals we have available for adoption at the PHS shelter. Hours are 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. We're closed Sunday and Wednesday.

You can also see our animals on our website. Just click "Adopt a Dog" or "Adopt a Cat."


Ice is a beautiful, young, spayed female Siberian Husky with the most outstanding blue eyes. She is well-behaved, housebroken and sits on command.

She walks well on a leash and plays nicely with other dogs, even the ones that are much smaller than she is. She would do well in a home without cats, but she loves children.

Ice needs a yard to run in and lots of nice walks/hikes to release her Husky energy.

Once she gets to know you, she will start "talking to you." She is a lover dog and really needs a good home.


My name is Tom, and I'm writing you from the Payson Humane Society. I came into the shelter as a stray back in June. I guess you can guess that no one came looking for me, so I'm now up for adoption.

I'm 10 months old, have been neutered and I'm current with my canine shots.

The staff at the shelter really likes me, but they know I need to find a forever home.

Please come over to the shelter and meet me; you will like what you see and maybe want to take me home.


Hi out there! My name is Mariposa. I'm a 1-year-old, spayed Calico kitty. My face is so cute it will make you smile, even on a bad day.

I like to be brushed and kept clean. I'm great at using the litter box and enjoy sleeping in the little bed they have given me at the shelter.

I seem to get along with other cats, and right now I share my space there with three other cats. However, I would love to have my very own home and someone to love me.

Please come and meet me soon!


Hi! My name is Whitney. I'm a good-looking girl, as you can see from my picture.

You would never know by looking at me that I've had five, yep, you got it, five puppies. Since I'm only 1 year old myself, this was quite an experience for me.

I was brought into the shelter along with my day-old puppies by animal control. We had been left at a motel to fend for ourselves.

Thankfully, the shelter took really good care of us. We have all been spayed or neutered and are current on our shots. We will also get micro-chipped as part of the adoption packet.

I love people and have lots of energy to play. I would be a good hiking or camping dog, but I need to learn leash manners and house training. Please come and meet me at the shelter.


Shasta is a beautiful, 3-year-old neutered male Shepherd/Chow mix. He loves to give kisses, and needs a home with lots of love and affection.

Shasta is a short-haired dog, but will need plenty of grooming to keep his coat in tip-top shape.

Although Shasta is shy, he is full of life and has an excellent disposition. He is the type of dog that will curl up by your feet in front the fire. If you have other dogs at your home, we ask that you bring them to visit with Shasta to ensure they will be good buddies.

If you like long walks in the evening, he is the right dog for you.

Shasta needs your help to provide him with a happy and loving home.

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