Sad, Emotional Day For Humane Society Staff



The Payson Humane Society recently experienced a very sad and emotional day. Because of the damp, wet, crumpling concrete at the shelter, a mother dog and her six puppies died of kennel cough.

This is a serious condition that easily goes into pneumonia, which happened to the puppies. This tragedy once again is evidence of the desperate need for a new Humane Shelter. The staff at the present shelter had to euthanize these animals; these are staff members who go beyond what is expected of most to save lives, not destroy them.

It is very, very hard for them to do, especially when they know it should not be necessary. The new shelter will have separate low pressure air systems for each area, so the contaminated air will not go through the whole shelter, putting every animal at risk.

The air will originate at floor level, rise up and go through a filter and then exit out a vent at the upper level. This means there will be a separate area and air flow for dogs that are whelping, any animal that is in isolation for whatever reason (so important!), kittens, cats, full-grown dogs and any other animal that may need refuge. The sewage drain systems will be the same, separate from all others to prevent cross-contamination.

In addition there will be a separate area to wash all the towels that are used every single day. The Payson Humane Society is getting closer to making the dream of a new shelter a reality. With your help, we will continue to go forward.

Please keep informed and help when and how you can. To send a contribution, send or take it to Payson Humane Society, 812 McLane Rd, Payson, AZ 85541. Telephone: 928-474-5590.

Judy Buettner

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