Take Responsibility For Your Actions



Larry Brophy's letter, Stupid Is As Stupid Does (Tuesday, Aug. 7), really makes a lot of "horse sense."

Back when I went to college several years ago, I had an instructor who often said, "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink."

This applies to people also.

I suppose people could be led to the county's landfill to dispose of their trash, before dropping it off on someone else's property.

And what about people who needlessly waste water? Could they be led to a faraway place where water is more plentiful?

How about the person who runs the red light? Must they be led to a land where the lights are always green, and the cops are few and far between?

People should start taking responsibility for their own actions. Idiocy is running rampant, making Rim Country a "fool's paradise" for us all.

It wouldn't surprise me that in today's society, drinking from the waters of knowledge might indeed be against a person's religion.

Like keeping a tire repair shop in Payson open on Sunday.

Mr. Brophy, I think I used up enough ink. Thanks for your insightful letter!

Larry Carreau

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