New Payson Code Allows For Flexibility


Future developments in Payson will likely be in better concert and a bit more modernized as a result of the Planned Area Development (PAD) zoning code that was adopted by the council recently.

Community Development Director Jerry Owen said the new zoning allows for projects with different facets to flow with better uniformity.

As an example, he provided a situation where a subdivision of single-family homes, a grouping of condominiums and a store would be part of the same project. The old development code would enforce outdated limitations--like a six-foot wall separating the store and the homes -- on developers, which would make for a less attractive overall development.

Owen said developers now have a better feel for smoother transitions in projects. As an example in the previous case, making a path or a small park between the store and the homes.

"It's the difference between looking at an area as a whole, versus looking at little pieces," he said. "Cut and dried rules stifles quality."

Owen said that with the old code, a developer might have to apply for four different zonings on the same project. The new development code is "a more modern, usable version."

He said developers would now be able to create an overall idea for a project but that it still must go through the proper town authorities.

"It will give more creativity and flexibility to developers, provided they get the plan approved," he said. "I think in the long run, it's going to result in some pretty good projects."

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