New Trail Markers



Volunteer members of the Payson Area Trails System Task Force, spent the better part of their morning Wednesday, Aug. 15, digging holes to place new signs and clearing the trail for future hikers.

This trail begins near the event center in Payson.

There are approximately 20 miles of trails in the forest area around Payson that need signs, and dedicated volunteers offer their time to get the job done.

Fifteen members of the task force came out to contribute their time and effort to getting the job done.

Pictured from left to right are; Gene Sampson, Walt Thole, Robbie Wertin, John Wertin, Jack Bernhart, JoAnn Bernhart, Dan Basinski, kneeling with her dog, Jane Ericson, Andy Romance, Ron Keller, JoAnne Bergman, Sue Becker, Mary McMullen, David Rutter and Ted Lucas.

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