Truck Comes At Wrong Time Of Day



Hi, my name is Jacob Crofts. I'm a student at Rim Country Middle School. For social studies, we have to write a letter to the editor.

I want to talk about something that my mom brought to my attention. It's about the Sysco truck that drops off the food at our school.

I'm only going to talk about this because maybe it will make a change to when the truck comes.

Now, I'm going to make this kind of short. The truck comes in the mornings, which is a problem, as it blocks cars from getting to the drop-off area. That makes some parents late for work. Some kids walk behind it and one of these days, some kid might get hit. Hopefully not, but that one truck makes a big jam and that could cause crashes.

So thanks for reading this and I hope it will change the time the truck comes or change where it drops off.

Jacob W. Crofts, Payson

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