It's Parents' Responsibility To Teach Behavior, Not The Schools



I was very concerned when I picked my son up from school one day to learn that there had been a stabbing off campus involving two PHS students during lunch period. I was even more disturbed when I read an article in the Roundup a week or so later insinuating that a group of parents believe that the responsibility or fault for this incident somehow lies with the school.

It is the school's responsibility to teach curriculum. It is the parents' responsibility to teach behavior. Though I do not know all of the particulars of this incident, I understand that there had been an ongoing dispute between the two students. Why hadn't the parents nipped this in the bud before it escalated to such dangerous proportions?

I am the parent of a child who is occasionally the target of bullying; most of the time in an attempt to solicit a reaction. In no way do I excuse the perpetrator(s). However, my husband and I have tried to instill in our child the message that you cannot control the actions of others; neither can the school. You are however, 100 percent responsible for your reaction to others' behaviors; once again, not the school.

I am thankful that the stabbing victim will recover and hope that all parents learn from a lesson from this unfortunate situation. Are you children in potentially dangerous situations? Are your children carrying weapons? It's up to you to answer these questions; not the school.

Wanda Randall, Payson

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