Supervisors Need To Serve The People



In a town like Payson, word of mouth can make or break a business or an elected official. Perhaps our County Supervisors need a reminder that they are elected and re-elected at the will of the people.

When you are asking the people of Gila County to vote to fund a new jail and court facility, it is important that the people agree that the projects are needed and that the location is right for the community. The current jail and courthouse projects have serious deficiencies in those areas.

When I look at what the proposed location will cost instead of using the open land with utilities to the property line on McLane, I wonder. Did the committee look at the cost of destroying the existing buildings?

Did the supervisors and the committee take into account that condemning the businesses could tie up the project in court for years? Why did the supervisors not contact the town councils and get their input before plans were announced?

Why do the supervisors not understand that if you build a large facility in Payson, you do not need to spend large amounts in Globe for expanded facilities? Was consideration given to the fact that population is larger in Northern Gila County and better served with large facilities in the Payson area?

What about the revitalization of Main Street? Do visitors to Payson want to see a jail, instead of thriving tourist-oriented businesses?

If the County Supervisors truly want to see this project approved by the voters, they need to get with the Town Councils of Payson and Star Valley and change the location of the project. They also need to propose the major amount of funding be spent in Northern Gila County and wait on any funding for Globe until the new facilities are completed in the Payson area. Then a reassessment can be made on Globe's needs.

Have the Supervisors forgotten that they serve at the will of the people? It is time they are reminded.

Lucy Briggs, Payson

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