A Weekender's Worries Result In Business


When Elaine Johnston was still a weekend resident of the Rim Country, every trip to and from the area she was overwhelmed with worries.

"Driving up late at night after a busy week in the Valley, I worried whether there were groceries -- something for the next morning's breakfast," she said.

She also found herself dreading the last day of each visit because of mounds of laundry, bedding and cleaning that had to be done.

"If the kids wanted to use the cabin for a weekend, I worried about all these things, plus the fact that if I had been there, the heat or air conditioning and lights would be turned on, and there would be some snacks in the refrigerator."

She said when she and her family were going to be away from their weekend home in Pine, she hated to ask a neighbor to check on things for her. "Yet I worried about the electric, septic system and the possibility of four-legged visitors.

Having this firsthand knowledge of the concerns that weekenders are beset with coming to the Rim Country and going back to their homes in the Valley, Johnston created her business, Rim Country Home Services. Her daughter, Gina Held, assists her in running the company.

While Johnston only started the business in June, she has 32 years of experience working in other people's homes -- she was an interior decorator. That work also gave her the knowledge of how to treat special flooring, fabrics and more.

The services provided by Johnston and Held include home cleaning, laundry service, a weekly home check service and holiday decorating.

"I am very organized and pay close attention to detail," she said.

An example of her dedication to detail -- she, her daughter and one other person had a job cleaning a 7,000 square foot home in Chaparral Pines -- one of their tasks were to iron the sheets.

"I am offering second homeowners the peace of mind to truly make your home a relaxing retreat," Johnston said.

In addition to Gina, Johnston has four other grown children.

Rim Country Home Services is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. It is based in Pine, but serves clients throughout the Rim Country.

Anyone interested in learning more about what is available from Rim Country Home Services should call (928) 476-6522.

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