Couple Featured On ‘Most Wanted' Found Dead


Paul and Myrtis Gauthreaux were found dead in their car Aug. 9 by Gila County Sheriff's deputies on Highway 60.

Detective Terry Blevins of the Gila County Sheriff's Depart-ment said, "The couple had been featured on ‘America's Most Wanted' and the ‘Bill O'Reilly Show' the night before this happened," he said.

"They had been implicated in a child pornography investigation," he said.

"Apparently, the deceased female's mother called her daughter on the eighth, the day after they were featured on the two television shows and asked if the allegations were true," Blevins said.

Both suspects denied any involvement in child pornography.

Blevins said that after speaking with the mother, the couple drove to the North side of Salt River Canyon, near milepost 297, where they were found dead by deputies the morning of the ninth, after a passing motorist called in to report a suspicious vehicle.

Blevins said the incident has been determined by the sheriff's department to be a homicide/suicide.

"The couple drove there, " he said.

"And while holding hands, Paul Gauthreaux first shot the female (who was in the driver's seat) in the head and then turned the gun on himself intraorally."

The FBI had also been looking into allegations of child pornography against the couple before they killed themselves.

Blevins said the couple left a suicide note professing their innocence and that after reviewing the note, it was determined by police the two had made a mutual decision to commit suicide.

"The couple apparently just couldn't deal with the situation and together, decided to take this way out," Blevins said.

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