It Is Time To Hold Pine Fire Department Board Accountable



RE: Fire Chief
Do you work for the Pine/Strawberry Fire Department and would like some much needed time off? Job too stressful? We have the solution for you.

Just show up to work drunk. Get in trouble, heck no. Lose your job? Not a chance.

Instead we will reward your behavior, sympathize with your stressed our work week and give you a 30-day paid vacation. So grab a bottle, head out for a call on taxpayers' time, in uniform and your next step will be to choose which vacation hot spot you would like to visit.

This is exactly what has happened. Our fire chief responded to a call, under the influence on company time, in a company vehicle. What a shame.

This is an occupation that is supposed to be blanketed with ethics and morals. Good judgment under pressure and the ability to assist others in a time of need. Our fire chief and the board members who have sat back and allowed this honorable profession to be tainted by their decisions have displayed poor judgment and a lack of integrity.

Other members of the fire department and community should be outraged and demanding hetep down, along with those board members who haveowered down and not done their job.
What is going on and whyre we continuing to allow the reputationfood firemen in our community to be ruined by this unfortunate bad apple? It is time to speak up as community and hold these people accountable.

Brittany Bordner, Pine

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