New Pac Favors Justice Center On Main Street


One of the hottest topics on the tongues and in the minds of Gila County residents -- the proposed justice center on Main Street and Highway 87 -- has sparked the creation of another group with an opinion.

The political action committee wants the public to receive truthful information and to dispel rumors about the upcoming ballot issues and renovation of the justice centers in Payson and Globe.

The committee -- Gila County Citizens for Improved Public Safety -- is chaired by former Gila County Judge Ronnie McDaniel.

McDaniel formed the group because he believes the proposed justice facilities are the key to improving the public safety of Gila County citizens, according to a statement released by the committee.

Other members of the group include John Back, John Franklin, Gordon Gartner, Michael Stuart, Ken Volz and Dick Wolfe.

McDaniel and Volz were members of the volunteer facilities planning committee, which made the recommendations that the county is pursuing to the board of supervisors in May.

"The jails committee did a lot of research and they always came back to the location on Main Street," Wolfe said.

According to the press release, "(McDaniel) urges the town square option placement of the facility on Main Street where it is centrally located and can utilize existing county land and some of the present county buildings."

Wolfe said that the group will use a variety of methods to disseminate information about the pluses behind the county's proposed plan.

"We'll use whatever means it takes to get facts out to the public," he said. "We have two goals: dispel misinformation and also to put out true facts about the center and location by any means possible."

Wolfe said that the committee plans to meet every Monday at 3 p.m. at the Main Street Grille. He encourages anyone with similar views to join the group or stop by a meeting.

"We want as many members as we can get," he said. "We want anyone who believes in what we believe in."

Donations may be mailed to McDaniel at P.O. Box 214, Payson, AZ 85547 or given to any member of the committee. For more information, contact Dick Wolfe at 474-6115 or any other committee member.

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