Star Valley General Plan Team Making Progress


Star Valley's master plan is coming along nicely.

Town Clerk, Sarah Luckie, who is a member of the town's general planning team, said that she is impressed with the progress that the volunteer group has made.

"When I see what we're doing, I really think we're making progress," she said.

In a meeting last Thursday, the group discussed what they have worked on throughout the last several months.

Luckie said that the group, composed of ten members including Mayor Chuck Heron and councilors Del Newland and Bill Rappaport, will provide a summary of the town's general plan at the next gathering on Nov. 15.

The relaxed meeting is open to community members and will be held at the community center at the Lamplighter RV Park in Star Valley, she said.

"We'll bring people (so that) they can see what we've done so far," she said.

The group's focus is on creating a growth and development plan that the town can utilize as it expands. Peter Armenta of Central Arizona Association of Governments is facilitating the development of the general plan.

Arizona law requires that all towns with a population of 2,500 or higher create a master plan.

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