Stupid Is As Stupid Does #2 -- Another View



I heartily agree with Mr. Brophy's letter, "Stupid is as stupid does."

One of the greatest all-time stupid acts is to use major worldwide food sources (corn and soybeans) and convert them into fuel. As the population drastically expands, it will be followed by more and more need for food, as well as fuel. What happens in the future when comes the day of reconcile between using food for fuel or giving up ethanol as a fuel.

Soybeans, corn, rice and peanuts are the world's staple food sources, besides there is only so much land on which to grow these important staples.

Have you noticed that food products and produce are on the rise. Corn and soybeans are what are called feed stocks.

Cattle, hogs, chicken, bread, butter, milk, even our cornflakes, etc., all depend on these feed stocks. Your supermarket's receipt will point out all these numerous items and costs.

Another very stupid thing is, those who embrace Gore's Horror Story without doing any extensive research and investigation of both sides of the debate or/and just taking Gore's word for it or just consulting only Gore's references, that's stupidity at its very best and that is why I refer to those as Enviro/Wackos.

We have several hundred years' supply of oil and gas and these Enviro/Wackos and left wing liberals refuse to use these ready, available cheap sources. That is stupidity.

One can start learning by using our library and even take a course in geology 101 and 102. This will give one an idea of what our earth is all about and not Gore's Horror Story.

Ed Welge, Payson

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