Vacation Trip To Venezuela For A Visit Became Missionary Trip



A Venezuelan man accepts Christ as Simone Lake looks on.

Simone and John Lake's spring vacation to Caracas, Venezuela, to visit with his sister, became a missionary trip.

In the little town of Ocamure De Tuy, four hours' drive from Caracas, the couple joined the "Deeper in God" conference.

Simone said one of the brightest moments happened when a woman and her daughter came in off the street.

"As they listened intently to the Bibleassages, stopped the conference for us to pray for them, as they accepted Christ," Simone said.

Another Venezuelan man was grateful for the certificate he received for attending the conference -- he had never received any educational certificate, Simone said.

John Lake is the pastor at The Church on Randall Place in Pine.

The Lakes will return to Kenya, Africa in Oct. 2007 to train church leaders in Mombassa and surrounding areas.

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