Discover Crafts; Eat Pancakes At Festival



It is going to be another big weekend for residents and visitors of Pine and Strawberry at the Pine Community Center. Come check it out and visit our local businesses and restaurants who look forward to seeing you.

Pancakes and sausage

Start the busy Labor Day Weekend off right with a delicious breakfast served by the Pine Strawberry Firefighters and Strawberry's Elite.

All you can eat pancakes plus juice, sausage and coffee.

Bring your neighbors, visitors and the whole family to enjoy an outdoor breakfast, beginning at 7 a.m., Saturday and Sunday morning, at the community center.

A boutique full of crafts

The Arts and Craft Guild will have their final Art and Craft Festival of the season at the Pine Community Center this Labor Day weekend, Sept. 1 and 2. Hours 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sunday.

Stop by the Boutique in the Arts and Craft room. It is next to the senior dining room. Many great craft items are on display and for sale.

All money collected by the guild, in excess of their expenses, is donated to other nonprofit organizations in Pine and Strawberry.

The Guild meets on the last Friday of the month, except for December, in the craft room. Those interested are invited to attend.


The Pine Library will have a book sale and quilt raffle Labor Day weekend. Hours are 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. There will be lots of fiction and science fiction books from which to choose, as well as books on tape, videos and books on most every subject.

Quilt raffle

Do stop by the Library Activity Building, see the beautiful quilt, buy raffle tickets and browse around for some great winter reading.

The quilt drawing will be at 2 p.m. Sunday.


Navajo Tacos will be served at noon on Saturday and Sunday in the Senior Dining Room during the Arts and Craft Festival. These are delicious.

Senior menu

The menu at the Senior Dining Room for the Week of September 3.

The dining room is closed on Monday.

Tuesday -- BBQ sauced meatloaf, potato and broccoli.

Wednesday -- Herbed pork roast with mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes and corn.

Thursday -- Sausage manicotti with sun-dried tomato sauce and garlic bread.

Friday -- Cod with vegetables, seasoned rice, green beans and onions.

Salad bar and beverage included.

Full meal -- $5.00. Salad bar only -- $3.00.

Please call (928) 476-2151 for reservations a day ahead.

H2O hauling charges

There was an informal meeting recently to discuss water issues and concerns with Robert Hardcastle. He owns Brooke Utilities, which includes Pine Water Company and Strawberry Water Company.

Though intended to be small, more people heard about the meeting and showed up.

Most of the questions dealt with water-hauling charges, which, for some customers, were sizable.

Unfortunately, there are some water users, in both Pine and Strawberry, who make no effort to conserve.

They use more than their share and are willing and able to pay the cost.

Many of these are weekenders who feel that they do not use their fair share throughout the year and thus can use as much as they want during the big summer weekends.

Some of these part-timers also have watering systems in place, so they consume water whether they are here or not.

The problem is the lack of available water, particularly during the summer. Thus, water needs to be hauled in.

Water hauling charges are shared by everyone in Pine.

These are based on the total amount of water hauled and charged as a percentage, based on the amount of water that each household uses.

Water conservation

Unfortunately, those who try so very hard all year long to conserve, are penalized with these hauling charges caused by the abuses of others.

Many of these people are on fixed incomes and just cannot afford the extra charges. Some have had their water shut off because of their inability to pay.

Whether we like it or not, the water company is in business to make a profit, and as a business, they have the right to do so.

It is up to each and every one of us to conserve water so that we and our neighbors, who might be less able to afford the excess charges caused by our overuse, can afford to pay the water bill.

Think about it.

No simple solutions

So much money, time and good energy have been wasted on the many tangents which often are built out of incorrect, or more often, incomplete information.

So much incorrect information is circulating about our water situation. More and more sides to the issue keep popping up.

If you hear something from your neighbor or friend, don't take it as fact.

They are not trying to fool you, but they probably do not have the full story.

This is not a simple problem. It has been brewing and churning and causing disagreements in our communities for many years.

It is time to stop, listen, learn and work together.

In the meantime, we need to conserve water so that everyone can afford to pay their water bills.

Flu shots TBA

Flu and pneumonia shots will be available at the end of October and early November. However, the dates printed in last week's column had to be changed and the exact new dates are not yet available. Watch this column for more information.

Matching funds for fuel reduction

We have had some wonderful rains.

However, it is still hot and we still must be careful about fires. In the meantime, keep clearing your property.

Pile it alongside the road and the PS Fuels Reduction Crew will come by to haul it away for you.

Don't forget to record your working hours on the form and turn it in to the fire department or the pickup crew.

They have the forms. These forms are the source of matching funds that fund this valuable program.

Have a happy and safe Labor Day holiday.

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