Drive Safely This Weekend


Labor Day, the last great holiday weekend of the summer, is upon us and many people will be on the road, traveling to their favorite recreational spot.

With all the people on the roadways, there will also be problems -- higher traffic volumes will increase the chances of an accident.

Some accidents are just that: accidents; but many are caused by people who are too tired to be behind the wheel or by those who have been drinking.

Everyone on the roadways this weekend needs to concentrate on what they are doing, delivering themselves and family members to a fun place and back home.

Drinking before you drive is not the best way to ensure a safe trip.

During the last Labor Day holiday weekend, 23 people died in car crashes on Arizona's roads and highways.

The Arizona Department of Transportation advises people to take it easy this weekend while driving.

There will be plenty of people on the highways, so give yourself extra time to get to and from your destination -- don't rush. Stay within the posted speed limits. There are valid reasons why speed limits are posted on roads; it is for the safety of everyone using those roads and highways.

Be sure your vehicle is in good condition, check your tires and tire pressure. Many accidents are caused by tire problems.

Get some rest. If you are driving a long distance, get a good night's rest before you start.

Never drive when you are impaired. Arizona is at the top of the list when it comes drunk driving incidents. Make sure you don't become involved in a DUI incident this holiday weekend.

Enjoy the weekend and drive safely.

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