No One Will Defend Us



A recent incident occurred where a small puppy was abused in the Star Valley area.

My girlfriend's daughter witnessed the problem and removed the puppy from further abuse. My girlfriend called the Payson Police today and stated the facts as she knew them. We were interested in pressing charges against this monster that harmed the puppy.

What did we get? Pretty much what we always get from people in law enforcement. "Not much we can do and you can be arrested for removing that dog from the abuser's property for stealing/kidnapping".

Great. Last report is the puppyas so abused that it may die. What if we went into a home and it was a child in this same situation? We would be sued by another unscrupulous lawyer making the their monetary mark for their next vacation home payment.

The problem with this world is lawyers. Until we have severe tort reform you can kiss your bottoms goodbye. We deserve it! Until we lay the hammer down on lawyers and people who break our laws, you get what you deserve.

Thanks Payson Police Departmentgain forot upholding the law, as it should be. I called the PPD when I saw eight illegal immigrants backed up at Safeway one Friday evening as they sent their illegal gains back to Mexico via Western Reunion, offered at Safeway.

The PPD said their hands are tied. Try doing what these illegal aliensot away with in Mexico. You would be handcuffed and thrown in prison. Anyone disagree? Prove me wrong.

We are at war, not only in the Middle East, but right here in Payson and there is no one to defend us. What are you, Jane/John Doe, oing to do about?

Stephen R. Thompson RN/CCP, Tucson/Payson

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