Payson Will Be At Tax Disadvantage



A few tidbits of the truth

1. "This is [the] way most Arizona counties are paying for their burgeoning jail needs."

The fact is only five Arizona counties currently have a jail tax. Coconino at .3 percent, La Paz at .5 percent, Maricopa at .2 percent, Yavapai at .25 percent and Yuma at .5 percent.

2. "When you "eat out" in Maricopa County, Yavapai County or Coconino County, i.e. metropolitan Phoenix, Prescott or Flagstaff -- 1/2 cent of the sales tax on their purchase goes to pay for jails districts in those counties."

Fact, see above, none of those counties have 1/2 cent. In fact, only two counties currently have 1/2 cent and they are La Paz and Yuma Counties.

3. Supervisor Tommie Martin completely misses the point that big ticket items like cars will be at distinct competitive disadvantage. $100 will cause folks to shop elsewhere for cars and other big ticket items.

4. And here is a big problem -- total county tax is as follows: Coconino at .925 percent, Maricopa at .7 percent, Yavapai at .75 and proposed Gila at 1.5 percent, second only to Yuma at 1.6, just 1/10 percent higher than Gila.

5. Now when you look at total tax in a community and compare Payson to Phoenix, this is the result ... Phoenix 8.1 percent and Payson would be 9.22 percent. Not a good view for our guys in the car business, another little tidbit, cities in the Valley are notorious for their tax giveaways to lure car dealers and other big retailers.

6. So, we agree no free lunches and two pennies on a Happy Meal is not much.

Al Poskanzer

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