Against Using Taxpayer Money For K2 Well



I am writing in opposition of the K2 well for several reasons. District Chairman Gary Sherlock continues to coerce the public of the positive views of the K2 well.

If you have ever attended a PSWID meeting, you would see and feel just how much you can trust our district representatives. In the study performed by Mr. Ploughe of Highland Water Resources, it states that, 1) Many opportunities currently exist in the Pine area for development of the deep regional aquifer at a significantly lower cost and risk than in Strawberry. This is due to the fact that wells in Pine need be installed to depths typically less than 1,500 ft. to fully penetrate the deep regional system, versus greater than 2,000 ft. in Strawberry; and

2) HWRC recommends that the K2 site be drilled, once the following lower risk opportunities are explored where the water is needed: Conduct a hydrogeological investigation to identify at least three optimum, deep regional aquifer drilling sites in the Pine area, and to explore and define the opportunities for partnerships with other local domestic water improvement districts and/or private entities.

Has a hydrogeological investigation been completed by PWCo for these three deep regional aquifer drilling sites?

Mr. Sherlock was clever to pick and peruse through the Ploughe report to the district's advantage. I guess that's justification to ignore the real facts. How many people actually think that the district's money (our taxpayer money) is needed by PWCo to drill the K2 well?

In my research, it appears to me that the district was intentionally involved to surpass the Arizona Corporation Commission's rules and regulations. You see, when a private entity (the district) is involved, the ACC determined that no approval for the K2 well was necessary. The original application was thus withdrawn by PWCo.

Now all that is required to get approved by the ACC is the encumbrance of part of its plant and system and issue evidence of indebtedness. Ingenious. The district continues to verbally state that Strawberry will have water, yet they and PWCo refuse to amend the application to reflect it. Actions speak louder than words Mr. Sherlock.

Our regulators are supposed to provide safeguards against activities of monopolies that typically try to restrict levels of products and services. Does any of this make any of you feel like a second-class citizen? Mr. Sherlock continues to blast the Rim Country Water Group. I am not a member of this group, but I do agree with their goal of stopping the K2 well, as it is extremely one-sided and unfair.

Dina Galassini


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