Take Poll To Determine Ymca Support



Would it perhaps help our town council, and Friends of Parks and Rec supporters, to learn how much actual support the YMCA has among the citizens of Payson?

uggested questions:(1)Do you support a donation of up to 5 acres of public land to the YMCA?

(2)Would you support the same donation to other "nonprofit" organizations?

(3)Would you/could you,urchase a membership in the YMCA?

(4)Do you believe it is better toonate land and probably lease at a very desirable rate, tononprofit" organizations, (which Ibelieve don't pay taxes), than to encourage "for-profit" businesses thatay taxes, and therefore contribute to the financial welfare of the town?

In other words, in a practical and realistic business sense, which really contributes to and supports the community?Which woulde more inclined to run for office, be involved in the local happenings, donate to the various fund-raisers?Which would be able to make decisions withoutpprovalrom the national organization?

ead the local publications and note with appreciation the many members of our business community who generously support, time after time, the many requests for help.I believe that these are the businesses we should support.

C. Anne Boisvert

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