Enchanted: A Different Happy Ending


Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there lived a lovely princess with a good ear for a cappella. Her destiny included a handsome prince with a nice accent. After several scenes of witch-induced trauma, they both lived happily ever after.

But don't be fooled. "Enchanted" is not to be categorized as a classic princess fairy tale.

To begin with, Giselle is not a princess. She is destined to become one, though, after she marries the dashing Prince Edward, with whom she must share true love's first kiss. Their wedding has one important opponent, Queen Narissa.

Queen Narissa sends Giselle to a land even more mysterious than her own kingdom -- New York City. Giselle is near despair in the strange and unfriendly place where "nobody is very nice" until she is rescued by, well, a lawyer.

The plot thickens as Prince Edward, the queen's evil henchman, Nathaniel, and Queen Narissa all search for Giselle in New York.

The actors were obviously enjoying themselves. Susan Sarandon takes delight in swooping around in her queenly cape. Amy Adams is the picture of fantastical innocence as Giselle. Her prince, Edward, (James Marsden) dashes around New York confidently stabbing buses. Through it all, Nathaniel (Timothy Spall) finds himself in awkward situations, as he surreptitiously tries to murder Giselle, a classic of bumbling wickedness.

"Enchanted" takes a very different route to "happily ever after" than most movies of its kind. It pokes fun at itself, laughs, and sings very silly songs.

If viewed with the proper light-hearted attitude, this movie will enchant watchers of any age.

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