Chamber Manager Develops Back-To-Basics Game Plan


Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce Manager John Stanton seems to have garnered the support of many local chamber members with his "back to basics" game plan.

Stanton took over amid turmoil within the chamber after perceived favoritism and questionable actions by its former director.

After two meetings with members -- the first focusing on issues and the second focusing on solutions -- it seems the chamber may be heading in the right direction again.

Stanton has spoken of his goals as leader many times, saying the chamber needs to "go back to basics...that's the best way to do it."

The meeting held last Wednesday at Best Western in Payson was a follow-up meeting of the chamber's board of directors, Stanton and chamber members to the meeting held Oct. 24.

According to a statement released by Stanton, "The (meeting) focused on changes made from suggestions and comments of the October 24 meeting."

"The discussion centered on communication, fairness and ‘what's in it for me' to be a chamber member," Stanton said.

One of Stanton's first priorities since taking over the reins has been to reach out to chamber members.

"It's your chamber," Stanton told the Town of Star Valley at a meeting in November, "What can we do to make sure we can keep you?"

Nominations for a position on the chamber board were also discussed at the annual meeting following the meeting of members last Wednesday.

Klay Clawson of Foxworth-Galbraith and Bill Rappaport of the Rim Country Gazette were nominated.

Rappaport withdrew his candidacy "due to a heavy commitment load," according to the release.

The board vacancy will be evaluated at the December chamber board meeting.

Another member meeting will be held in the first quarter of 2008, as well, the release said.

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