Neighbors Light Up Christopher Creek Holiday


Tuesday evening I decided to head out and see just how many residents in Christopher Creek were getting into the holiday spirit.

To my surprise, it did not look too promising as we headed down Columbine Lane.

It was really dark and dismal. Then all of a sudden we saw lights, a lot of lights.

The Armentas' home was all lit up for Christmas. The house, the front yard and all the trees had sparkling clear lights in them, oh what a night!

Then we continued on keeping our fingers crossed, and I think Frankie also had her toes crossed. Yes, more lights!

John Zaleska's place had lights on, and so did Mimi Tidwell's.

Continuing on down Columbine we came to Robert and Airhetta Anderson who were in the spirit, as was Donna Wynn's home.

As we headed up Friendly Elk Road, it wasn't very friendly, it was dark. Not even a friendly elk was out.

We came down and crossed the creek and behold, Chuck Schmitt's place was all decorated, even the gazebo in the back yard. Thanks, Chuck. We are getting hope.

It got dark again and then we came to Debbie and Eli Drakulich's and we stopped and gazed at all the lights and decorations.

You can always count on Debbie at Tall Pines Market to put you into the spirit.

I will keep you informed. Maybe next week we will have more to get excited about.

Potluck at church

Christopher Creek Bible Fellowship's Annual Christmas potluck is scheduled for 6 p.m., Friday, Dec. 14.

Everyone is welcome to attend and if you can't cook don't worry there is always lots of food.

Come out and enjoy some good food, fellowship, sing some Christmas carols and play some fun games.

Bring along the whole family and if your family is not here, come and join their family.

Childrens' party

Sat. Dec. 15 from 2 to 4 p.m. is the annual children's Christmas party at the fire station.

Children are asked to bring along two nonperishable food items to put in food boxes that they will decorate and pass out to those who may need one.

Santa will be making an appearance to all the good boys and girls.

Quad parade

Sat. Dec. 15 is the first annual Quad and Cart Christmas Parade. The residents of Christopher Creek will be lighting up the night with their decorated, musical quads and carts.

Everyone is asked to meet at the Landmark parking lot to parade through the community.

There will be prizes and maybe even hot chocolate.


Dean Dobson will be adding another candle to his cake on Dec. 8, as will Jack Hidde.

Kevin Mystrom will be celebrating his special day on Dec. 12.

Wishing all of you a very Happy Birthday and may all your wishes come true.

Bob Conklin, who is an avid reader of the Roundup, is currently residing in Tucson.

Bob is recovering from his appendix bursting.

Unfortunately, Bob had to spend Thanksgiving in the hospital and we all wish him a speedy recovery. Take care, Sparky. We miss you and Sam here in Christopher Creek.

There is another storm on the way and we are thinking snow here in Christopher Creek.

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