Terrorists Are Not Fighting For A Country, They Want To Destroy Us



In response to Wendy Trainor's letter "Democrats need to stand up against Bush," she needs to understand that her rant about torture is not what this is all about.

Yes, during WWII there was torture by our enemies.Not all of the people of these cultures were of a hateful, greedy and torturous mind.Many Germans, Japanese, Italians and others were the bad guys.Torture is what it implies, inflicting pain for pain's sake.

As none of us want to see torture as a mainstay, it is used as interrogation to gain information for the sake of saving lives of our military on duty and the citizens of the free world.Atrocities are not torture of enemy combatants, but the mass killing of innocent people by those like that of "Sodamm Insane" who we captured and was put to death for his atrocities.Genocide is the atrocity, not trying to protect yourself and others.

You say that the vast majority of the American people want this war ended, as do I.
But President Bush said on the onset that this type of war (terrorism) cannot be won on the battlefield alone.We must destroy it at its roots.We are not fighting battles with uniformed soldiers, as we did in other wars.
These terrorists are not fighting for the peace of a country, but rather want to destroy you and me, as we are not of their radical belief. Lest we forget Sept. 11, 2001 and the other killings of innocent people by these radical Muslims.Muslims can have their own beliefs in their god, but a true God as our Lord and Savior has not told us to kill those who believe not in our faith.We are to love them and explore ways to bring them to the one and only true God.

Your comments remind me of Hanoi Jane and others who only try to demoralize our troops and give comfort to the enemy.The support of our president's effort is needed by worldwide countries if we are to defeat this terrorist threat. Don't expect terrorism to just go away if we elect a Democrat president. That won't happen.Just look at the Muslim extremists who committed atrocities during the Clinton administration.Clinton was informed three times that he could capture Osama Bin Laden, but failed to act on this information.

I hope you haven't forgotten the filmed live beheadings of the civilians and the torturous killings of soldiers whose bodies were burnt and hung on a bridge for all to see. Those where unspeakable atrocities for no other reason but to inflame us and to inflict pain for pain's sake.And you call waterboarding torture.t least it is for a purpose.It is interrogation for the sake of protecting us and others, not just for pain.

Are you so naïve or ignorant of the facts that you forget that terrorists recruit young people to be suicide bombers to kill innocent people?We must stop them at their doorstep, before they come to ours.

Dave Corrasa

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