Don Logue Will Be Honored For Service To Rim Guidance Center


Don Logue, a longstanding board member of Southwest Behavioral Health Services Rim Guidance Center, will be honored at the company's annual holiday celebration this Sunday at Gerardo's Italian Bistro in Payson.
Jeff Jorde, president and CEO of Southwest Behavioral Health Services, will recognize Logue for his many contributions and years of service as a director on the board of the Southwest Behavioral Health organization, the state's largest nonprofit provider of mental health services.
In a recent interview, Jorde praised Logue for his dedication to the organization and community, saying, "Don was the chair of Rim Guidance board when it was acquired by Southwest in 2000. We are very pleased that Don stayed on with our board to help with the transition to Southwest Behavioral Health, and we've all benefited from his knowledge of the area.

"During the seven years in Payson, Southwest's behavioral health budget has more than doubled.We have greatly expanded services for Payson area residents. Don has been valuable in providing us with an overview of pressing community issues and we have done our best to respond to those needs."
Before an audience of friends and colleagues, Logue will be recognized for his contributions to Southwest Behavioral Health's board and his philanthropic actions in the area of mental health over the past two decades. As someone who has compassion for those with mental illness, Logue has seen, firsthand, the long-term and far-reaching benefits that communities, families and individuals experience when behavioral health, recovery and rehabilitation services are available, affordable and easily accessible.
Nanci Stone, vice president of SBH's Rim Guidance Center, said, "Mr. Logue is one of those unique individuals who works to make sure that his community has the services that are necessary to provide care and treatment to its residents. He is always willing to help with any meaningful project that will benefit our community."


Don Logue

Long affiliated with healthcare in Arizona, Logue retired from his post as the hospital administrator of Payson Regional Medical Center in 1996.

During his tenure, he was instrumental in the design and construction of the new hospital wing.

He also became involved with the Southwest Mental Health facility, which was the precursor of the SBH Rim Guidance Center today.

When asked to recount his favorite accomplishment as a board member, he is most proud of seeing Southwest Mental Health transition into ownership by the Southwest Behavioral Health organization.Because of these strategic steps, he believes the organization has thrived and grown to offer an excellent array of services to residents in the Payson area.

Included in these services are outpatient crisis, counseling and case management for adults and children, substance-abuse services including DUI treatment, domestic violence and anger management counseling, recovery support services and residential treatment. Rim Guidance Center currently serves 1,148 consumers.

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