Donations To Schools Increasing

So far, taxpayers have given $138,000 to Credit for Kids campaign


The Payson Unified School District's Credit for Kids Campaign is bringing in more money, at this point in the campaign, than it did last year.

Taxpayers have donated more than $138,000 so far this year, which is $24,000 more than at the same time last year, district superintendent, Casey O'Brien said.

During last year's campaign, the district received $296,685 in donations.

O'Brien said he was pleased with the community's response so far this year.

He said donations are still coming in and the total is expected to rise.

The announcement was made at the school board meeting Monday night at the district offices in Payson.

The board also discussed ongoing issues with BMJS Construction out of Winslow, and Progressive Roofers out of Tucson.

Board members approved a partial settlement with BMJS regarding incomplete roof construction and repairs at Payson High School's Old Main building.

Board member Mike Horton expressed concern over the warranty on the roof at Old Main.

"I'd like to be cautious in this matter and make sure this is implemented as recommended by the board," Horton said. "There are still some leaks in the roofs, and I want to make sure we're protected."

Director of Maintenance and Transportation for the district, Todd Poer, said leaks still exist in the Old Main building at Payson High School.

He said if repairs to the roof could be started by Dec. 17, they could possibly be completed by Christmas.

Poer recommended BMJS start needed drywall repairs at Payson High School's Old Main School in January so they could be done before the 2007-2008 second semester starts.

They also discussed work done by Progressive Roofing (out of Tucson) at Rim Country Middle School.

At Rim Country Middle School, there are leaks in almost every building, Poer said.

"There are leaks in four classrooms, and in a corner of the library," he said.

O'Brien said he was not confident roofers could complete all the repairs at both schools in a time frame acceptable to the board.

"While I'm not optimistic, as long as we have Mr. Poer looking out for us in this matter, I'm rooting for roofers to be successful," he said.

"I'd like to know how we'll sign off on this matter with BMJS," board member Charles Brown said.

O'Brien said before the district signs off on any work completed by BMJS, the district would consult their attorney, who would then go to the attorney for BMJS and offer them the option of accepting the agreement or submitting a proposal to the board.

The partial agreement says the district will allow BMJS to complete work at Payson High School, but will hold some funds in reserve, O'Brien said.

After the board has determined the work has been completed satisfactorily, the remainder of money owed to BMJS will be released.

The board unanimously approved the partial agreement.

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