Home For The Holidays ... Or Not



December is a hectic time of the year with so many preparations for the holidays. Our pets sense the excitement and change in the air, too. For the lucky dogs and cats whose families stay at home to cook a turkey and the fixings and include them in the festivities, it is a time of great joy and family togetherness.

However, some families need to travel great distances to gather with their loved ones and it isn't practical to take family pets along. This means that some dogs and cats will spend the holidays alone. There are several options for caring for them in your absence. Perhaps an animal-friendly neighbor or relative will look after them, or they may be placed in professional kennel care, or even better, an experienced pet sitter may move in to take the place of their real family. Pets, like people, are happiest in their own home.

When entrusting a pet to another person's care, it is important to give detailed instructions about the pet's needs. Let the caretaker know what, how much, when and where to feed the animal. How often does the dog need to be let out to do its duty? Where is the cat's litter box and how often and where should it be emptied? Where and what are the pet's favorite toys and games to play? Since you will be off having a good time, consider leaving some extra special treats and toys for your pet to enjoy.

There should always be a backup plan in case something goes awry. A pet may get frightened and escape, or be injured. If you have ID tags and a microchip, there is a high probability that someone will find the pet and call. You may want to attach a temporary phone number or email address to the pet's collar where you can be reached while you are out of town. Be sure to give the caretaker important phone numbers like the vet, the Humane Society, a close friend or relative, and a way to reach you. If you have company coming with a pet, ask them to put your phone number on its collar till they leave.

Payson Humane Society has many adoptable pets that are hoping for a home for the holidays in case you could use some unconditional love. They promise to comfort you when you're sad and share your laughter when you're happy.


Romeo is an adorable 4-month-old neutered male Australian Shepherd/Heeler mix puppy. He steals the show with his sky blue eyes and his short dappled coat of white and tan. Romeo is all boy and he loves to play with the other pups, but he can also be a gentleman and mind his manners. He's a quiet dog, not a barker, and we think he will grow up into a well-behaved companion. Romeo is a fine little dog to take home and make your very own.


Summer is a gentle 5-month-old spayed female Heeler/Lab mix puppy. She is soft and warm as a summer breeze, the pick of the litter. Her coat is short and black and very easy to care for. Don't you just love those perky ears? For her young age, Summer is very calm and composed, so we can only imagine that she will turn out to be a model adult dog. She is at our shelter with her littermates Ruby, Valentino, Paws and Cleo.


Curlette is a pretty 6-month-old spayed female Rottweiler mix. Her coat is black with tan trim and she has a nubbin of a tail. Curlette is a loving armful of puppy, not too big, and very sweet. She takes a little time to get to know because the noise at our shelter scares her a bit, but when you get her out on the big meadow away from the shelter, she relaxes and is a good little pup. She is excellent on leash, so easy going that you would hardly know she's there. She plays well with other dogs and is housebroken.


Hershey is a huggable 2-year-old spayed female black Shepherd mix. Her rich black chocolate coat inspired us to call her Hershey. She has a lovely form and is not very big. Hershey is a wonderful dog to take on walks because she is gentle and obedient. Being out in nature makes her happy and healthy. She likes walking away from traffic because it scares her. Hershey is hoping to find that very special family that will take the best care of her and include her in their daily activities. She's a sweet kiss waiting to come home with you for the holidays.


Ruby is a loveable 5-month-old spayed female Heeler/Lab mix pup. She still has her plump puppy figure, so soft and round, in a pretty tan coat with black on her muzzle. Her disposition is sweet as pumpkin pie, and what a little lover girl she is! Ruby is at our shelter with her littermates Paws, Cleo, Summer and Valentino. They are often seen playing in our big exercise yard. We think you will find Ruby to be as forever as a diamond.

To view these and other adoptable pets, visit, www.paysonhumanesociety.com.


The Payson Humane Society is pleased to announce its first annual Pet Calendar. Every month of this beautiful 2008 calendar is filled with photos of pets from the Rim Country and other locations, and animals at the Humane Society shelter. Designed by Heather Lewis, with additional pet photography and organization by Alice Wrobley and Shari Cody, the calendar was printed by PostNet.

Copies are now available for $10 at the Payson Humane Society and at the following locations: Pine Country Veterinary Clinic, Eagle Mountain Gifts, Star Valley Veterinary Clinic, Tiny's Restaurant, Fireside Espresso, PostNet, D J's Bed and Bath, Chamber of Commerce, Main Street Veterinary Clinic and Ponderosa Market. They make great stocking stuffers! Your purchase supports the Society's efforts to provide shelter and care for the homeless animals of Rim Country.

For more information, call 474-5590, visit us at 812 S. McLane Road or online at www.paysonhumanesociety.com.

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