Village, Diamond Star Fire Plan To Discuss Merger



Snow has finally arrived in the village. According to one of the residents, Chuck Stailey, the accumulation has peaked at about seven inches, as of Tuesday afternoon. The ordinance for not parking in the street has been in effect since November and will continue until April. Please cooperate and keep your vehicles out of the way of the snowplows.

Tonto Village Fire District merger

Tuesday evening, Dec. 11, there was another possible merger meeting for the Tonto Village Fire District and the Diamond Star Fire Department.

Attendance was light, according to Fireboard chairman, Rick Washburn.

A resolution was passed on the suggestion of merging both fire districts.

There will be a public meeting on Jan. 9, 2008 at the Tonto Village Fire Station at 7 p.m.

If both fire boards approve of the merger, then a date will be set for an organizational meeting.

Property owners in both districts will receive a letter in the next few weeks regarding the merger.

A newsletter will be posted on the Tonto Village Web site and a hard copy will also be available at both fire stations.

Notices of the merger will also be published in the Payson Roundup.

The proposed name for the merged departments will be the Hell's Gate Fire District.

There are six firefighters who are taking the Firefighter I class at Gila Valley Community College, and they are just about through it. The firefighters have final exams this week and there will be a congratulations party for them at Rick Washburn's home in Collins Ranch at 6 p.m., Saturday, Dec. 15.

Not only will this event be a celebration, but also a Christmas party for all the firefighters and their families.

The main dish is being provided by Rick, and all who attend should bring a pot luck dish. There will also be a gift exchange. Please RSVP to Rick Washburn at (928) 478-4663.

Precipitation totals for the surrounding area

In the Mead and Collins Ranch area, the moisture level has greatly improved for their wells.

The residents are still conserving water but the rain and the snow has recharged the wells.

The residents are still urged to conserve. Total rain and snowfall have amounted to 11.22 inches for the month of December.

In Bear Flat, the monthly total so far is 10.24 inches of rain and snow.

Tonto Village totals have been eight inches of rain and seven inches of snow.

All of these figures are an approximation of moisture. If the amounts are even close to official recordings, the figures are very encouraging for wells and for the forest.

Since the totals for the rain and snowfall affects the creek crossings in our area, it is a good idea to have a cell phone or a walkie talkie on hand, in case of difficulties crossing the creeks.

You can call the Gila County Sheriff's Department or Search and Rescue to either get you across or pick you up and take you to a safer area.

Have those numbers handy if you are out and a storm comes. The sheriff's number is (928) 474-0614.

Sad news

The Village received the news today of a sorrowful passing of Glen ‘Putsy' Shaw.

Glen was the former fire chief for Tonto Village and later became the Fire Board Chairman.

Putsy will be missed by all of us in the village, he was always riding around on his quad catching up with the news and talking with friends along the way.

Heartfelt condolences to his wife Audrey and their children. No word has been received on the funeral arrangements yet.


I received a call from Flo Haulot in Tonto Basin the other day, I was one day off on her birth date. Her birthday is on Dec. 15 not 14. Sorry Flo, have a great day.

Pastor Roger Pike had a birthday on Dec. 10. Pastor Pike has been the interim pastor of the Tonto Village Chapel and is the fulltime pastor at the Star Valley Baptist Church.

Rita Spalink of Tonto Village II will have her big day on Dec. 19. Rita is an indispensable person in the village. Rita is a retired nurse and will help anyone who calls her at the drop of a hat, so to speak.

Rita is also the coordinator for the Tonto Village Chapel's Vacation Bible School classes in the summer.

Carol O'Dell is a part-time resident of Thompson Draw I and she volunteers her time to the Fireflies Auxiliary and to the Pink Ladies at Payson Regional Medical Center. Her birthday is on Dec. 22.

Jan Farmer of Tonto Village I also works for Payson Regional Medical Center as an X-ray technician and she will celebrate her day on Dec. 23.

Nancy Yoakum of Thompson Draw II is also a volunteer at the hospital and for the Fireflies and is also a regular Domino Diva fan. Her birthday is December 26.

A very Happy birthday to each of you.

Pool results

There are no results for this past week because of the winter storms.

The games will resume this week with a eight-ball tournament on Sunday afternoon at 3 p.m. at the Double D. Chalk up those pool cues for this lively tournament.

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