Country Needs To Give Proper Respect



In response to your article about remembering the heroism of our heroes and greatest generation of the past, I am glad you wrote an article referring to our past.

However, I am disappointed in the lack of enthusiasm and understanding of our current generation in the event that took place to make the United States enter World War II.
This is all an opinion and doesn't pertain to everyone, just the generation as a whole.
I am in the Navy and attached to Pearl Harbor and every day is a constant reminder of the vigilance and strength of our nation. When I can look across the harbor and see the USS Arizona Memorial and go to Battleship Row and pay homage to the USS Missouri and realize what great events happened here and with these vessels it makes me sad to know that I knew nothing of this back home.

There was always the mention of it briefly, maybe a story here and there, but don't you think it's not giving our country justice to share people's opinions and give more attention to one of the most historical events in our history as a nation?

I am not flaming your newspaper at all, my family lives in your area and I love reading about the communities and seeing what's going on, but certain things sadden me now that my eyes have opened.

I have met survivors and shared stories and praised them and given them their due respect.

I am not saying we all need to fly out to show them the same, I just want our country to give these people their respect in honoring them at home.

Thank you for your time.

Chicago S. Houdek

Damage Controlman 3rd Class

USS Chung-Hoon (DDG-93)

United States Navy

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