Parents Happy With Teachers

Educators to get some performance pay


Parents of Payson school district students are pleased with the performance of teachers and this will earn teachers extra money.

Payson school district teachers qualified for the parent satisfaction component of the statewide performance pay program. The amount they will receive is unknown and will be determined by the district's business office based on the percentage of the statewide sales tax which funds the program and is allotted to Payson.

Neither school district or state education officials would give estimates on how much money teachers would receive.

The Payson school district conducted one-on-one interviews with parents in November asking if they were satisfied with teacher performance.

"More than 80 percent of parents indicated they are satisfied with teacher performance," District Superintendent Casey O"Brien said.

Information from the interviews were reviewed by an independent company and results were returned to the district at the end of November, O'Brien said.

O'Brien said all teachers in the district will receive some performance pay for the parent satisfaction component.

Neither O'Brien nor the Arizona Department of Education could supply figures on the dollar amounts available to teachers for the parent satisfaction component.

"Much of it is sales tax-based, so it's hard to determine what the amounts could be at this time," O'Brien said.

The district will be sending that money to teachers as soon as they determine how much each teacher is entitled to, O'Brien said.

Parent satisfaction is only one of the components of performance pay, he said.

The other two components are student academic achievement and adherence to curriculum.

"Student achievement requirements vary by site," he said.

Each school defines its own goals at the beginning of the year, O'Brien said.

At the end of the school year students are evaluated to determine if teachers have met the requirements of that component, he added.

The third component of performance pay is adherence to curriculum standards.

Curriculum standards are established by the district, based on AIMS and Terranova requirements and tests, and apply to all Payson schools, O'Brien said.

"For example, math is taught by the same curriculum at all of Payson's schools so all students receive the same level of education in math," O'Brien said.

He said courses taught in all subjects in Payson schools adhere to the same curriculum standards.

Evaluations for the second and third components of performance pay are not expected until the end of the school year, O'Brien added.

He said the dollar amounts teachers will or will not qualify for will be determined by the business office at that time, dependent on results in relation to the three components.

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