Strawberry Resident Shares Old Socks With Squirrel



On Saturday, Dec. 8, I went out to the front porch and observed a squirrel removing the stuffing out of a chair cushion through a hole that the squirrel had made.

The squirrel ran off with a piece of stuffing in his mouth, across the road, into the neighbor's yard, via a tall pine tree, to a nest of needles and twigs.

I thought maybe the squirrel is building a nice, warm bed in the nest. I went to my rag bag, found three white cotton socks (they had been washed), cut them into four long pieces and laid them out on the porch floor.

I came out of the house about a half hour later and lo and behold! Nine of the 12 pieces of cloth were gone.

I'm happy I saved my chair cushions from more damage and am happy the squirrel will have a nice warm bed through the cold, wet winter.

Pete, from Strawberry

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