Super Bowl Xlii: Lots Of Options...


It's only mid-December and I'm already getting excited for the Super Bowl.

Actually, I've been excited since about Week 9 when it was made apparent I needed other reasons to continue watching the NFL besides the lackluster Cardinals.

Not only is the Super Bowl in my hometown this year, but things are shaping up to yield the best game in recent memory.

Think about the possibilities -- Tom Brady, Randy Moss and the rest of the TO'ed, undefeated Patriots take on Tony Romo, perpetually TO'ed TO and the Cowboys.

Or better yet -- the Patriots and destiny against Favre and his rapidly-increasing legend.

Anyone who isn't excited about the possibility of watching Brett Favre in another Super Bowl in what could be his last game is not a football fan.

What about a quiet Colts team seeking a repeat?

Have you even heard much about the Colts this season? They might be the sleeper team ready to knock the Patriots off their mighty thrones.

Anyone not at least mildly intrigued at the chance of witnessing history, as the Patriots try to become only the second undefeated team in NFL history should check their pulse.

The Super Bowl has always been a stage set for defining a career.

For many of the Super Bowl's likely contenders -- Brady, Favre and Peyton Manning, among others -- another Super Bowl victory would only cement their names among the game's greatest ever.

For a rising star like Romo or the oft-controversial Owens and Moss, a Super Bowl ring could mean the difference between being remembered 30 years from now or not.

Every Super Bowl has a million storylines. The difference this year is that the storylines are intertwined with so much potential history-making.

You don't have to live in Boston, Green Bay, Dallas or Jacksonville to be nervously, yet, gleefully anticipating the Super Bowl this year.

This may be a game for the ages.

Of course the Seahawks will probably advance in the NFC and the Patriots' streak will end in the first round of the playoffs, leaving the Colts or Steelers to repeat as champions.

These things never work out as they should.

Wouldn't you remember Super Bowl XLII if they did?

With only 47 days remaining until the big game, we'll all find out soon enough.

In any event, at least in this Super Bowl we won't have to marvel at Rex Grossman's uncanny ability to play stupidly.

We're guaranteed to have plenty of other things at which to marvel.

Editor's Note: Max Foster will return after Christmas.

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