Wild Born Wolves Swept Under Rug



The Mexican wolf program may be in for a population increase despite removals attributed to livestock depredation.

Saturday, Nov. 24 a single, two-year-old male wolf was trapped on the Adobe ranch in an area currently occupied by the Aspen pack. The Aspen pack is slated for removal due to a total of 10 cow and calf depredations since June and a horse kill that occurred some distance south of the Adobe in January. According to regulations, the wolves should have been removed after three kills.

So far only the alpha male has been removed for the kills, leaving the alpha female, a yearling female and four pups to continue their depredations apparently unchecked.

The manager of the ranch asked that the good wolf be left on the property so it can mate up this year and get the Aspen pack off the place. But it has been taken to Arizona for release.

That release is scheduled to occur on the Four Drag ranch owned by Gary and Darcy Ely in Arizona in the near future.

Our ranchers get blamed for everything wrong with this program; the truth is if the agencies would do an adequate job, this program would be in better shape.

When my members report uncollared wolves on their places, these agencies don't investigate and refuse to believe them. Instead of being rewarded for allowing this wild born wolf and who knows how many other wolves onto the Adobe ranch, these folks are being forced to live with a pack that is slaughtering their herds and teaching wild born wolves to prey on cattle. It is an unmitigated, disastrous and unfair situation.

The Adobe ranch has been Mexican wolf habitat since the early days of the program and in the past several years it has been necessary to implement wolf control on the ranch.

Laura Schneberger, Gila Livestock Growers

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