Elk, Antelope Regulations Now Available Online


The elk and antelope regulations for 2008 have been posted online at www.azgfd.gov/draw and hunters can start applying anytime.

Once again, this will be a paper application process -- no online application process is available.

Arizona Game and Fish Department officials said the printed regulations for elk and antelope should be available at license dealers across the state starting around Jan. 7. The deadline to apply is Feb. 12.

There are 26,549 elk tags available for 2008, which is a 2,355-tag increase from last year. The record number of elk tags was just under 30,000 in 2001.

There are 1,006 pronghorn-antelope tags available, which is a 37-permit increase from last year.

This is the second year of having the elk and antelope drawing separated from the other big game species so that hunters can find out if they are drawn for elk and antelope prior to applying for deer, buffalo, bighorn sheep, turkey and fall javelina.

Applicants for the draw who apply early can take advantage of the correction period -- those who submit an application by Jan. 25 will receive up to three calls from the department in a 24-hour period if an error is found on the application. If the applicant is reached by phone, the department will help fix the error to ensure a completed application.

All applications for the elk and antelope draw are due by 7 p.m. (MST) Feb. 14, 2008.

Over-the-counter elk tags are for marginal hunt areas. There are over-the-counter elk nonpermit-tags available (from Game and Fish offices only) for 2008 for very specific locations where the Arizona Game and Fish Department is attempting to create areas with few or no resident elk.

"These areas were identified through public process as places where elk did not occur historically and their continued occupation could negatively impact other wildlife or land uses," said Big Game Supervisor Brian Wakeling.

Wakeling pointed out that as the regulations state, elk numbers in these hunt areas are very low, therefore, hunt success is expected to be very low. Despite those qualifications in the regulations, there are lots of hunters already buying those over-the-counter nonpermit-tags since the

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