Donors Bring Holiday Joy To Kids



Xavier Kendall can't wait to pull the stuffed stocking items out and find something he can play with for the rest of the day. Santa has been making house calls to this particular home for several years now.

Eight youngsters, ranging in age from 6 to 12, had a visit from Santa's Helpers late last week.

The children received new bikes from anonymous donors after writing letters about why they wanted a new set of wheels.

Recipients included Christine Booth, 12; Madelynn Carroll, 6; McKenna Crank, 8; Hannah Green, 6; Luke Green, 8; Louis Potvin, 11; Anna Roberts, 12; and Shayla Shannon, 8.

Brother and sister Luke and Hannah Green were presented their bikes early.

"We wanted to wait until Christmas to give them to them," said their mother, Lynn Green. But she agreed to the early surprise for the Roundup.

"They're in the shed. I had found something else for the big present on sale, but the bikes just blow that away. It is just so wonderful!" she said, sounding as excited as a child getting a new bike for Christmas herself.

Luke and Hannah wrote the following (the spelling is their's): Luke wrote, "Dear Santa's helper I would like a new bike for Christmas becuz my handle bars are bent and the seat is crooked and the rim is bent too but most of all I would like to get My Dad to be better He cannot work until his leg heals. Have a good Christmas. Luke"

Hannah wrote, "Dear Santa's helper I really would like a new bike I have my brothers old bike and its old. Thank you for a girls bike. My name is Hannah Green"


Draven Shill sits on Santa's lap and can't decide if he should talk to the Jolly Old Elf or start pulling things out of the stocking he just received.

Santa's Helpers especially liked the letters from Louis Potvin and Shayla Shannon.

Young Mr. Potvin wrote, "Dear Santa's Helper, I think I deserve a new bike because my old bike is way too small, so I gave it to my little brother. My big brother gave me his old bike and, it's all busted up.

"I miss doing jumps and rideing around town, and I could really start using the exercise right now. If I win this bike, I could give my old bike to someone who doesn't have one. Sincerely, Louis Potvin"

Shayla wrote, "Hi! My name is Shayla Shannon. I'm a girl and I'm 8 years old. I think I should get a bik because my bik is old and the chain is loose and my tires have holes in them and no one will help me fix it."


Luke and Hanna Green opened their eyes to a big surprise when they came home from school Friday, Dec. 21. Mom, also known as Lynn Green, has a grin so wide it's almost ear splitting. What a great Christmas gift.

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