Payson Charity Wins Honors


Humanitarian Emergency Logistics Preparedness, Inc. (HELP), based in Payson and operated by Randy Roberson, is a recipient of a 2007 Award of Excellence from the Society for New Communications Research Awards program.

HELP is a nonprofit humanitarian relief organization devoted to meeting the needs of the many victims of natural and manmade disasters on a global basis. They target medical/health concerns in disasters and other areas of chronic medical need. Challenges they address range from disaster trauma (i.e. blunt trauma, wounds, etc.) to HIV/AIDS, TB, Elephantiasis-Filaria, malnutrition-related disease, water-borne illness, insect infestation disease and much more.

HELP provides medical expertise through a telemedicine program. Current and upcoming assignments are in India, the Philippines, Darfur and the Congo.

These are areas where oftentimes medical emergency crews are nonexistent or grossly overwhelmed due to disaster. Likewise the available facilities are often damaged or destroyed or they are located in chronic needs areas where no one else wants to help. Additionally, in many third-world locations, local medical staff are typically undereducated and underequipped, with no access to advanced medical resources.

The Society for New Communications Research honors innovative individuals, corporations, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions and media outlets that are pioneering the use of social media, ICT, mobile media, online communities, virtual worlds and collaborative technologies in the areas of media, marketing, public relations, advertising, entertainment, education, politics and social initiatives.

"HELP's program exemplifies the mission of this awards program: the successful and innovative use of new communications solutions and social media practices to enhance communications and relationships," said Mike Manuel, SNCR Best Practices committee chairman.

"Being given this award at the same event with such notables as the American Heart Association, General Motors, Coca Cola and Microsoft demonstrates the level at which HELP's telemedicine efforts are now being noticed," HELP President Randy Roberson said. "It is a tremendous honor to have the SNCR membership offer us such a prestigious award," he added.

The award winners were announced at the Society's awards gala at the Colonnade Hotel in Boston, Mass. Dec. 5, 2007.

The Society for New Communications Research is a nonprofit global think tank dedicated to the advanced study of new communications tools, technologies and emerging modes of communication, and their effect on traditional media, professional communications, business and society. For more information, visit or call (650) 331-0083.

To learn more about HELP, call (928) 595-1127 or visit the Web site

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