Rick Croy


Rick Croy seeks a Payson Town Council position

Why are you running?

I have lived in Payson for the past 16 years and Arizona since 1951. During that time I believe there has been an evolution from a friendly mountain community with feelings and equal concerns for all to a fractured community with many various special interests groups that have tunnel vision for their mission only.

We need to meet closer to the middle, with tolerance, understanding and compassion for the best solutions that are fair to all segments of our great little town. Life will always be a compromise, and an atmosphere of compromise seems to have disappeared. Some act like now that they are here, we should lock the doors.

Had we locked the doors just before they arrived, they would not be here. Would that have been the right thing to do? I do not think so. Ponder the thought!!

Laws and regulations are mandatory; however, let's not make any more than are absolutely necessary.

What changes are you seeking to implement?

A Town Council and community of concerned citizens need to agree some compromises may be necessary. All sectors of our community will then win, at least part of the time.

A Town Council and staff needs to understand that providing community service is a priority for their position. When a citizen has a need, our attitude of service should be one of success, rather than an attitude of presenting barriers.

What are the three most important issues to you?

A. Employment opportunities for the families with children.

B. Housing that hard-working, average income families can afford.

C. An action plan to improve blighted areas of our town.

How will you attempt to address or solve those issues?

A more aggressive outreach to recruit companies in Arizona and nearby states to locate in Payson. They should provide adequate wages, proper work environments and desire to become an active, positive part of our community.

Support zoning and land platting that will provide a financial opportunity for the developer and still meet needs of all segments of Payson and not just the wealthy.

Seek cooperation and support from local neighborhood groups that will enhance their area as well as the Town.

What can voters expect from you?

A commitment to serve with honor, integrity, compassion, concern and fairness to all, for the betterment of Payson. Today is important, but positive, good decisions that will create a better tomorrow are even more important.

What are your qualifications for holding a council seat?

I have lived in Payson for 16 years. During this time I have worked for Gila County for 15 years in a position that has shown me how many less fortunate families struggle to just survive in Payson. These include low-paying seasonal jobs, high housing costs and high energy costs. I was a small business owner for 10 plus years and understand the issues.

Father of two fine children, Micaela (13) and Tyler (11) who attend Rim Country Middle School. Kids need places to go and positive things to do. Our children are the future of Payson.

Several prior years of real estate sales and development.

What experience do you have, preparing you to hold office?

My past employment and community involvement have prepared me with knowledge of issues and potential solutions. In addition to active committees listed below, I was a key player in the start-up process of Payson Area Habitat for Humanity, served on the Payson Regional Economic Development board and was chairman of the Housing Task Force that inspired the current council to establish the Housing Advisory Council.

How will you work with your fellow councilors, if elected?

I will work with an attitude of open mindedness, seeking solutions where everyone is treated fairly and respectfully.

In what activities or committees are you currently involved?

Town of Payson Housing Advisory Board, Payson Helping Payson, Town of Payson ADA Committee, Gila County 2000 Census Committee, and a member of Rotary International, Mountain Bible Church, Salvation Army Board, and president of the Payson Regional Housing Development that built the local Canal Senior Apartments and Green Valley Apartments which serve lower-income seniors and families.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Spending time with my children. Fishing, boating and enjoying our great outdoors.

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