Humane Society A Great Tax Shelter


With the year 2007 coming to a rapid close, there is still time to shelter your dollars from the tax collectors by making a donation to Payson Humane Society. This is a way of keeping your dollars in the local economy and helping out the Rim Country's abandoned pets.

If you aren't sure big government is spending your tax dollars sensibly, you can divert a few tax dollars from the IRS by donating to a nonprofit organization like Payson Humane Society.

Another way to donate to the shelter is through Bashas' "Thanks A Million" program, whereby they donate 1 percent of your purchase amount to us. Just ask the cashier to add your name to benefit the Humane Society of Payson. It's painless and won't cost you a penny.

The Humane Society has many ways to use donated dollars, but one of the contributions we hope you will consider is to the building fund for our proposed new shelter. Our current shelter could be described in the common vernacular as funky and rickety. It has long since expired its shelf life and we are hoping to move forward on a new building that will better meet the needs of growing Rim Country communities.

The new facility will be located on the current site plus two adjacent acres of land, which have already been purchased. Plans have been drawn up for an attractive, but modest structure that will double the amount of animals that can be housed and cared for.

We believe an aesthetically pleasing facility with pleasant colors and a well-planned layout will attract more visitors and make for a better presentation of adoptable animals, enhancing adoption rates. It will provide a quiet, nurturing environment for the animals that are housed there. Dogs and cats have less stress, behave better and stay healthier in a soothing environment that seems more like home than a jail.

Approximately 80 percent of the new shelter will be devoted to animal-related space. There will be an onsite surgical suite, screened-in Purr Parks for the cats, Bark Parks for the dogs and Meet-and-Greet areas where prospective adopters can get acquainted with a pet.

Natural therapeutic sunlight and fresh air coming through windows and an air-purification system will potentially reduce 90 percent of common airborne diseases. There will be state-of-the-art equipment and furnishings, which will make cleaning easier for staff and housing more comfortable and healthy for the pets.

This week's adoptable animals are intimately aware of the physical inadequacies of our current shelter. They have been at Payson Humane Society the longest. Beside each pet's name is the number of days they have been homeless.

HERSHEY (271 days)

Hershey is a glossy black 2-year-old spayed female Shepherd mix. She is very well socialized with other dogs and plays to her heart's content with them in our exercise yard. But her favorite buddy is MoJo. They have been kennelmates and wear each other out in joyful romping and rolling. Hershey is definitely not an alpha dog. She goes with the flow and blends in. Her new owners will need to understand that she is somewhat insecure in new situations and does not like loud noises, so they must give her a little extra time and consideration in this regard. She is a very loving dog and will roll over on her back in submission, hoping for a tummy rub.

MOJO (295 days)

MoJo is a handsome rusty red 1-1/2-year-old neutered male Shepherd mix. Despite the length of his stay at our shelter, he has kept his sweet, happy personality intact. Moe is great with other dogs, especially Hershey girl. He's a perfect dog park candidate and how he loves going for walks, even on leash. Moe would do anything to please his people and he has a huge capacity to soak up all the love you can dish out. If you have another dog that needs exercise, Moe would love to help you out. He's an inveterate ball fetcher, too, and just really a fun dog.

MAX (315 days)

Max is an amiable 8-year-old neutered male Black Lab/Chow mix. We lovingly call him Max-a-Million, for he is worth his weight in gold. He's a big, easy-going dog who warms up to special people like our volunteers who take him for walks and give him treats. Being an older dog, he chooses his canine friends according to how nice they are. He especially likes sweet, well-behaved lady dogs. Max is very good in the car and likes to sit in the back seat like royalty with his head hanging out the window. He's equally adept at house manners and is a pleasure to have in your home. We think he would make a perfect companion for a kind retiree.

PATCHES (218 days)

Patches is a colorful 3-1/2-year-old spayed female Calico kitty. Picasso would have loved painting this feline with her black, white and orange patchwork. She is just as loving as she is beautiful. She stretches her dainty paw out to you for a pat on the head or some salmon treats. Patches is a gentle little princess who gets along well with the other cats in her kennel and loves being with people.

SILKY (254 days)

Silky is a dear 9-year-old neutered male black cat. He wears his long fur in a punk style -- kind of ruffled up. He is a comical cat who has a plump tummy and often sleeps on his back with his paws in the air. Silky lives in the same kennel with Patches and several other cats with no problems. He minds his own business and spends lots of time by the window catching a breeze and a scent of the outdoors. We think he would make a marvelous companion for an adult family.

To learn more about these and other adoptable pets, visit our shelter at 812 S. McLane Road, call 474-5590 or go online to

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