Quads Parade Creekside


Last week was the First Annual Quad and Cart ride through Christopher Creek. Twelve vehicles showed up to ride around in there decorated getups.

It was a great night with music and everything you could think of decorated. They had golf carts, quads, a rail and even a Bobcat.


Karen Schmitt makes sure her and Chuck's granddaughters are all tucked in for the quad ride through the community.

Chuck and Karen Schmitt had their granddaughters all bundled up in there with music playing and they were leading the pack.

We showed up late in the Bobcat, trying to catch up. My husband was driving and Frankie and I were sitting in the bucket. I think he hit every pothole going down Columbine Road trying to catch up. Boy! Was that fun.

After riding through the community, everyone headed to Creekside Steakhouse to get warm.

Those that attended the ride were: Mark and Laura Alvin and their daughters, Chuck and Karen Schmitt and their granddaughters, riding in the back of their Ranger.

Dennis and Kelly O'Neil of C-Canyon, Dean and Jenny Dobson and Tucker and Pam in their golf cart, Dale Hansen and Karen Thornton, Jill and Ron Eggermeyer of Colcord Road, and Tom and Linda James of Ponderosa Springs.

Bud light John and Kathy had the cute rail all decorated up, (I think they had more bulbs than I did on my tree).

There were Scott and Marilyn Tice, Dwaine and Judy Toole, and yours truly with our family in the Bobcat.

It was a fun night and they are looking forward to next year.

Patty Boesling and Nancy Olsen judged the best decorated house for the holidays and the winners are: First place goes to Sam and Caren Seay of Friendly Elk Road, second place goes to Steve and Carol Graham on Columbine Road. Thanks for brightening everyone's Christmas.

Christmas is over and everyone is looking forward to the New Year. If you are going out to party, please be careful and make sure if you are drinking that you have a designated driver.

January birthdays

Mel Mihon will be adding another candle to his cake on the first, along with my friend Janet Snyder, who writes for Tonto Village, and myself. We are all New Year's babies.

Betty Mason will be celebrating on Jan. 3. Jean Gardner will be celebrating on Jan. 6; Barbara Foreman has a birthday on Jan. 8. Bob Wells, wherever you are, will be celebrating on Jan. 18, Charles Byrne on the Jan. 20, Candy Smith back in New York on the 21st, along with Duane Rowley and Kip Mystrom.

Dan Christian is adding another candle to his crowded cake on Jan. 22, Deloris Dale will be celebrating on Jan. 25, Caren Christensen and her long-lost neighbor Keith Tharp will be celebrating on Jan. 27, and Marilyn Salomon of Hunter Creek will have a birthday on Jan. 30. Wishing every one of you a Very Happy Birthday.

Wishing every one of you a safe, prosperous and Happy New Year.

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