Tom Loeffler Seeks Council Position


Why are you running?

After working in government for almost 30 years, I have witnessed how it works and have some insights on how it could better function. Paysonites expect a businesslike approach of their town government to the issues of the day, and I can bring that logical dimension.

So many groups are currently working to create a better Payson for all the people, and I would like to help organize all this creative effort into an organized move forward. I would also like to use my years of experience in the department of transportation to improve our transportation system.

What changes are you seeking to implement?

I do not believe in walking into a new situation and changing things. Rather, I seek to improve what exists already by working collaboratively with staff, volunteers and the council. Several initiatives have been undertaken within the last 12 months and need to be continued, improved upon and put into action. I believe I can help accomplish this and move Payson forward.

What are the three most important issues to you?

Growth and water. They are two issues but must be considered together because they are interwoven into every facet of Payson's future.

We cannot move forward without securing a water supply that will support our current population and allow for planned growth. Transportation is another issue that impacts our ability to move Payson forward.

Business will not locate in places where roads will not support moving goods and services. We need a system of roads that will allow us to move around Payson in a safe and efficient manner.

My third issue is law and order. Payson, by most standards is a small town, but already we have some big city problems. Our police department is a small town department, but, they, at times, have to combat big city problems with limited resources.

How will you attempt to address or solve those issues?

I don't have all the answers, but will attempt to build on what has been started in this town, and that is bringing our talent together to address the issues.

We have 20 some volunteer committees in this town made up of talented people, putting their heads together, looking for better approaches to our current problems.

I will work with these groups, suggest new ones where needed, and guide and encourage approaches that can lead to desired results. The bottom line is moving the entire community toward the agreed upon results.

What can voters expect from you?

I don't go into a situation unless I'm willing to give it 100%. I will treat the responsibility and challenge the citizens give me with the utmost respect, and will work with all willing to accomplish the task to the best of my ability.

I will bring experience and understanding as well as my listening ability to every situation I'm presented to better comprehend and resolve the issue. I have an open mind and am always looking for better ways of accomplishing goals.

What are your qualifications for holding a council seat?

First of all, my belief that I can make a difference. My years working with all levels of government, local, county, state and national has given me well rounded experiences in how each works and how to work each.

My education has prepared me for both teaching and management. I have been trained to approach challenges in an organized, logical fashion. I have been a member of county commissions as well as school boards.

What experience do you have, preparing you to hold office?

I began my career as a science teacher and coach, which allowed me to develop activities for the youth in the area. I moved into education administration as a school principal, which gave me the opportunity to work with students, teachers, parents, boards and the community. When I moved into government work, I deployed the first statewide cellular 911 system in the country. My work in the department of transportation as a safety specialist for roads gave me the opportunity to work with small towns of 2,000 to cities the size of Tucson and larger. I have served on town committees in at least three different towns and currently am a director of my homeowners association.

How will you work with your fellow councilors, if elected?

First and foremost, I have the greatest respect for their time and commitment to their community. I may not agree with each councilor's position on an issue, but will listen and try to understand where they are coming from. Each of us has strengths and experiences that allow us expertise that others may not have. I would hope to be part of an organization that recognizes this expertise and uses it for the betterment of the entire community.

In what activities or committees are you currently involved?

I served on the Payson Police Chief Search Committee and am currently serving on the Surface Transportation Advisory Committee (STAC). This committee just finished revising the traffic calming document and are currently working on the speed and mobility problem on Payson's roads. I am on the board of directors of my local HOA.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I enjoy working with wood, hiking and biking especially in the woods and photography.

I like to study new and better ways to conserve energy and enjoyed putting these efficiencies into practice in the home we just build. The result was a very energy-efficient, non-polluting home with many innovations.

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