Town Should Not Change Fire Codes



This letter is written m support of not changing Codes 507.2.3, 507.2.3.1 and 507.2.3.2 and Town Ordinance 729. And in support of Payson Fire Department crews, Chief DeMasi, Fire Marshall Bob Lockhart, Ray LaHaye and the Building Department for the Town of Payson. These people all take their jobs seriously and work diligently to see that codes and ordinances are followed and used correctly. They have many years of experience and training under their belts and know what they are talking about and what is best for the community as a whole.

As wife and mother of two local firefighters, I take seriously, and to heart, issues that affect their safety and well-being and also that of the public.

According to the NFPA Web site, cooking fires are the #l cause of home fires and injuries. Between 1999-2002, 114,000 reported home fires were associated with cooking equipment, resulting in an annual 290 deaths and 4,380 injuries.

Electric stoves/ranges have a higher risk of fires, injuries and property damage compared to gas ranges, but gas ranges/stoves have a higher risk of fire deaths. These statistics are all on the NFPA Web site for viewing.

The Mayor and some of our council members seem to take lightly the situation at the Red Elephant Bakery. Why should national codes, brought about by tragedy for families, homeowners and firefighters loss of life, injury and property, be changed for one small business here in Payson?

Shall Payson be known as the town that changes codes just because someone likes the baked goods and feels sorry for a business owner?

Or perhaps it still rings true that the Realtors do in fact control this town and determine the making or breaking and changing of Ordinances and Codes meant to protect Payson's citizens and property owners!

People need to be aware of the reasons these codes were placed into effect and not try and get them changed but strive to obey and follow them in order to ensure public safety for everyone.

Payson should be thinking about moving forward and not going backward when it comes to safety issues and Building Codes.

I for one do not want to get the call that my family member or close friend have been injured or killed in a fire at a business that our Town Council allowed an exception for.

What about you?

Barbara J. Rasmussen


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